Test 3

Student Testing for Module 3 Competency

We offer competency testing for schools using ErgoSharp and our on-line video training as part of their curriculum


In conjunction with our online training we offer free competency testing for each module.  Each test includes 10 questions covering the concepts of sharpening.  Everyone who completes the test with a score of 80% or above receives a Certificate of Successful Completion.  We do require your name, email and school.

  1. Click the corresponding link below
  2. Provide first name and last name
  3. Provide school name
  4. Take Quiz
  5. If you score 80% or higher, you will be emailed a Certificate
  6. Print or save certificate PDF from your email
  7. Present/send the certificate to your course instructor for credit, if required



These are online courses that require an internet connection to access and view.  Receiving certificates of completion requires the user to enter their correct name and email information.

Participation in this training and testing does not constitute clinical competency nor guarantee any credit will be accepted by your institution. 


Participants are cautioned about the dangers of incorporating techniques and procedures into their practices. 


The DH Cubed Training videos do not offer any clinical experience or act as a substitute for clinical experience. Therefore, participants should not assume competency in a clinical setting based on the contents of these modules. 


Hygienists realize less pain and injury comes from properly sharpening their instruments. Our training courseware teaches this and our products are tools to assist in training them correctly. 


The training is not meant to sell or promote the product but instead is used together to meet the result of the participants learning proper technique in avoiding work related pain and injury. These training modules are meant to be used in conjunction with ErgoSharp sharpening device to perfect the skill of sharpening.