ErgoSharp by DH Cubed

Take the Guesswork Out of Sharpening


ErgoSharp by DH Cubed, is a small electronic device that attaches to any sharpening stone and lights up when the stone angle is 110 degrees. 

Why does it light up at 110 degrees? This is the optimal angle for the sharpest dental hygiene instruments with the least ergonomic strain on the body.

This is why we named it ErgoSharp, it's innovative sharpening and unprecedented ergonomic feedback in one.

  • Achieve consistent sharpness on curettes and scaling instruments.
  • Quickly maintain a sharp edge chairside, in seconds.
  • See in real time where 110 degrees is, no guessing involved!
  • Reduce the strain on fingers, hands, and wrists.
  • Eliminate the root causes of pain, instead of treating it.

This device is the cornerstone of our ErgoSharp Sharpening System which was created as a culmination of 30 years of dental hygiene clinical and training experience. ErgoSharp is easy to master and designed for everyday use.

Light On = Instant Feedback!

ErgoSharp Sharpening System
ErgoSharp Sharpening System

ErgoSharp Sharpening System


The revolutionary ErgoSharp Sharpening system by DHCubed. The device attaches to any sharpening stone to allow you to quickly and accurately sharpen efficiently!

Free training modules available!

Included with your order:

  • ErgoSharp electronic sharpening guide
  • 2 reusable Adhesive Gel Pads
  • 3 rubber bands (alternate stone attachment method)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • One USB charging cable

Free Online Training

Along with the ErgoSharp, you get access to online training modules where you will learn…

The Science Behind Sharpening

The Ramifications of Not Sharpening Correctly

How to Prevent Personal Injury

How to Integrate ErgoSharp into Your Daily Practice


Dental students and faculty, hygienists, and dentists.

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Gel  (Adhesive) Pads
Gel  (Adhesive) Pads

Gel (Adhesive) Pads

Rubber Bands
Rubber Bands

Rubber Bands

USB Charging Cable
USB Charging Cable

USB Charging Cable