ErgoSharp Story

Welcome to ErgoSharp!

 Founded in 2011 by a hygienist, our vision was, and still is, to improve dental hygiene ergonomics and longevity by providing training coupled with immediate feedback devices.

The goal is for the learner to have an Ah-Ha moment when they can experience the correct way to perform the skill.  When a learner experiences this moment, it becomes deep-seated and allows for repeated success. 

We initially designed a robust clinical simulation training device that provided this real-time feedback. It was placed on hold because we realized the first and most important skill to address was sharpening!  A skill that if not understood and performed well is a leading cause of hand injury and daily pain to the hygienist.

To address this problem, we developed a device that attaches to the sharpening stone to help guide the user to sharpen correctly and consistently. When the learner is at the correct angle for sharpening lights turn on to give the person that immediate feedback, providing that Ah-Ha moment! 

We went into development and launched our very first device, The OneTen, in 2017!  It was coupled with training modules for correct sharpening technique.  You see the lights don't necessarily prevent poor sharpening habits; without the training modules someone could still be sharpening incorrectly, even if they are at the correct angle!

Over the years we have come to realize hygienists were not relating to the name of our product.  They didn't realize the OneTen was named for the sharpening angle of 110 degrees so, there was a bit of a disconnect to our name. Hygienists began to refer to our device as The Cube.  They were thinking our business name was for The Cube.  Our business name, DH Cubed, is for Dental Hygiene in the 3rd degree, dimensional, multiple levels, and degrees of learning. So, because people weren't relating to us and our name, we set out to address this problem. 

So... in 2022 we rebranded our product to ErgoSharp!   A name that fully expresses what we are up to and what we are about. ErgoSharp is related to providing the best training for sharpening dental hygiene instruments. But it is more!  It's about sharpening skills around ergonomics! 

Our commitment and mission are to address ergonomic issues in dentistry and to provide exceptional training that is missing that will impact the longevity and the day-to-day pleasure of making a difference in our patients lives.