Module 2

Module 2 – Sharpening Gracey Curettes

Video courseware combined with practical execution and product usage to explain and demonstrate proper techniques. In Sharpening Gracey Curettes, hygienists realize less pain and injury comes from properly sharpening their instruments and how using properly sharpened instruments provides the best care to themselves and their patients.



  1. Articulate, understand and draw the shape of a Gracey Curette in cross-section 
  2. Identify an improperly sharpened Gracey Curette 
  3. When assessing a Gracey, be able to understand how it has been improperly sharpened 
  4. Demonstrate and be competent at correcting an improperly sharpened Gracey 
  5. Articulate why it is essential to use a sharp instrument 
  6. Articulate the cause and effect of using dull and improperly sharpened instruments 
  7. Demonstrate how to sharpen a Gracey to maintain its original design by using DH Cubed’s approach 



  1. 13/14 Gracey curette (we will be using the Hartzell and Hu-Freidy 13/14 Gracey for demonstration) 
  2. Sharpening stone 
  3. Sharpening test stick 
  4. Loupes (recommended)
  5. Good lighting, gloves, mask, lab coat, 2×2 gauze
  6. An ErgoSharp device


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Method of Teaching: Self Instruction 
Course Instructor
DEBORAH McGLYNN RDH, BS, Chief Education Officer, DH Cubed LLC