Students & Faculty

Sharpening made simple.

There is no easier way to learn to sharpen than ErgoSharp.

The Benefits of Using ErgoSharp for Students & Faculty:

  • Our training teaches proper sharpening techniques to build fundamental application for life.
  • Sharp instruments lead to healthy hands and better patient care.
  • Prevent future injury by easily keeping tools sharp so you can practice longer.
  • Calibrate sharpening for faculty to faculty, and students to faculty, standardizing the method of teaching sharpening.
  • Take your ErgoSharp into practice after graduation and calibrate with your future colleagues and peers.


For Faculty:

The following links will provide you with all of the forms needed to formulate a lab session for teaching sharpening.  There are evaluation forms and definitions for expected levels of performance (from junior to senior levels).  The performance levels and evaluation criteria are based on the most recent CODA Accreditation Standards. 

ErgoSharp Sharpening Lab - Faculty Materials (download): publication: 2022 Dental Hygiene Self Study Guide